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A (bad!) Poem on Procrastination

Here’s irony! While procrastinating on my Greek, I was flipping through old files on my computer, and found a poem I wrote while procrastinating on an English assignment in High School! It’s a stupid poem, but it’s funny in its own way. I think I jotted this down in five minutes flat, the morning it was due. I wonder what I ever got on it?

T – 4
Come, Procrastination –
Let’s go have fun.
Wake up, sleepy head!
The night has begun!

I still have Saturday,
then Sunday, Monday too!
Why work so quickly
When there’s better things to do?

T – 3
Do you want to hear a joke,
That I heard just yesterday
From some stodgy old bloke?
“Do your work first, then play;
your grades will never choke,

life will become less stress’d
And every minute will be bless’d!”

What a joker was he!
I’m not stressed one little bit
my life more blessed couldn’t be
Maybe he just lost it
He was quite strange, you see
Also, senile and old
And that’s worse, so I’m told.

T – 2
I suppose I should get cracking
But now in time I’m sadly lacking
The work I’ve done couldn’t fill a shoe
And tomorrow it’s due!

T – 1
Oh, gosh and golly.
My time’s all gone
Now I see my folly,
And where I went wrong!

But it’s too late now –
What’s done is done.
Teachers I’ll never wow;
With a poem so dumb.

And now I’m going crazy
And my brain is all hazy.
I wish I hadn’t’ve been
so very, very ______

…oh what’s the word?
Oh well. No time to think of it now.
I guess I’ll just have to hand it in as it is.
Maybe the teacher knows what word I’m thinking of.

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