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Is the “Emergent Church” Dying?

(This is a chart, representing how often and when the words “Emergent Church” were Googled)

Now that my schooling is done, I am all set and stoked to publish my short e-book, writing on my experience (back in 2008) experimenting with and finally rejecting the Emergent movement. However, as I consider this graph, I wonder, “by the time I get my e-book out (sometime mid-summer) will anyone even care?” Does anyone care about the Emergent Church anymore, or is has “Emergent” become as passe`?

What is your experience? Do you think the Emergent movement is the “wave of the future” or the “next evolutionary step for Western Christianity,” or is it already phasing out?


  1. Good question. I think there are several factors.

    First: The Emergents have no unifying creed nor common Orthopraxy. It’s hard to stand united when you resist labels and categories.

    Second: As many of the Emergents have become more clear about what they really believe, I think they have alienated a lot of their audience, who don’t want to take the same long walk off a short pier.

    Third: This has always been a fad. We’ve all known that. I think the difficulty will be tracing the influences of Emergent Theology if it disbands and decentralizes even more.

    It has made it’s mark though, and it has been seismic.

    • “it has left its mark” agreed. For that reason, perhaps my continued thoughts on the topic are important, if only for my own intellectual development, even though people can hear the same stuff from an increasingly large number of people.

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