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Your Opinion Requested on Francis Chan

In my immediately-previous post, I responded to only the second resource which I have heard from Francis Chan. So far, I am completely hooked! I love his honesty, and I love especially the way that he allows his emotionsnot to rule him (as Rob Bell does) but to guide his intellect. Although I love Mark Driscoll, his resources are perhaps too cerebral: Chan seems to be a good correction to that. Also, I love his humility and vulnerability before the Scriptures. I am not sure I would have valued or comprehended this a few months ago – but this is the direction God is leading me now, and I very much long for more teaching in this direction.

I wonder: what are other people saying about Francis Chan? Before getting into Mark Driscoll, I asked for some feedback, and (quite predictably, as I see now!) got some angry responses (see here). Although I was taken aback and distrustful of this feedback (knowing the sorts of people it came from), I see now that it is at least part of the picture about Driscoll, and it was worth my time to ask the question.

And so I ask it now on behalf of Francis Chan. Are you a fan? Have you listened to his stuff? How much? What is your impression of him? Why? Where does he come from? What is his background? What are his strengths? Are there weaknesses to his teaching? If you had five minutes with him, what would you ask him? What do you think people will write on his tombstone?

Please share! I have heard a lot about him, and want to get into him, but am first just very curious about what people would have to say about Francis Chan!


  1. I am currently half-way through is book, “Crazy Love”. I LOVE it! and I think he hits the nail on the head perfectly. His view is completely different and (I think) just the view we need of God. Completely honest, straightforward, and humble.
    He is a wonderful teacher too. His videos are great.
    And I have been convicted many , many times while reading Crazy Love….

    • Thanks for that! I have been listening to his sermons, but so far they are mostly on his own life/transition because he just left his church and went over seas, and doesn’t know what the future will hold.

      It’s all good stuff, though! I am looking forward to getting into Crazy Love and his other more solid teachings!

  2. I am unsure how i came across Francis but discovered him on utube and have been very blessed by it! I have listened to probably most of his online sermons and also read his book ‘crazy love’. At a time of dryness in my faith, his urgency, compassion and passion to lift up Jesus and His word was refreshing. He is a man who isnt afraid to admit his humanity n that he is just a product of grace despite the fact many in his recent church lifted him up n looked up to him. He mentions in an interview that ppl would come to see him n he feared that they werent seeking God but just to hear his preaching. Which is partly why he left seemy valley

    A few things i discovered about him from his own mouth. He comes from a church background. His dad was very strict n died when he was young, i think around 12yrs old. This caused him to view God as an angry, fault finding God. His mother died when he was born. He discovered God in high school. He confesses he does not believe in tithing but he actually does tithe cause he gives at least 20% of his wages, he also states he gives 90% of income n enjoys living below his means while still being able to give. Altough havin a burden for souls his theology emphasises on helping the needy(possibly leaning toward social gospel) abit more than winning the souls of men. This has helped me be more mindful of the poor n those less fortunate n that i will give an account to God for how i dealt with needs of others when they were presented to me. But i do think he could b in danger on focusing more on physical needs of ppl rather than spiritual.

    Heres a bit of a biography on him

    His compassion for others compels him to live a life out of his comfort zone. This utube clip showed me his attitude n humble response to Mark Driscol who was somewhat mocking him which i found abit mean. However, after watching Marks sermons i discovered he can b quite blunt n informal due to his church being full of many ppl with crazy backgrounds. he justifies speaking coarsly n swearing becuase many that come to his church were from abusive backgrounds n cant relate to any other langyage.

    The thing is maybe Francis does have a poverty mentality or maybe really jus does love to give sacraficially. His motives are not mine to judge, only God can judge the intents of the heart. Some ppl wanna escape the pressure n day in day out grind that comes with serving God many times n this could b why he left cornerstone or it could well b the Holy Spirit that called him to the third world. It is not up to us to to try to judge but at least Mark challenges his motives nonetheless.
    To me Chans life has encouraged me to examine myself, how i am doing according to Gods word, to examine my spiritual temperature gauge! To not jus read the words of Christ and think it dun apply to me but obey them.

    Chan takes Gods word literally! He once invited homeless ppl to his place n held a banquet n gave them gifts n all sorts of nice things were done for them at no cost. This was done in accordance with the scripture saying to entertain strangers, not jus ppl you know! I dunno if this is how id interpret the scripture. Id prob more likely invite new converts or ppl who visited church that day over but nonetheless this kind of radical obedience to Gods word causes me to more zealously want to obey it myself.

    I am unsure whether Chan follows the doctrine of the emergent church, which speaks of having extrabiblical knowledge n (correct me if im wrong) believes u cant lose your salvation. Mark Driscol is calvinist n uses an illustration about fatherhood (not scripture!) to back up his ideas on being unable to ultimately stray from God. God gave us free will n He will never violate that free will n is willing that none perish but all come to repentance! Not jus a few elect. We can resist God but it dont take anything away from His glory!!

    So even though there are many great teachers out there, one being Francis Chan, i am careful to not take in everything theyre saying is it dont line up with Gods infallible word. As my Pastor says, chew the meat, spit out the bones.

    I hope this has helped give more insight into the life of this wonderful man of God!

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