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The Serpent’s Song

Come and let us reason,
The crafty serpent said
My wares are but a trinket
You will not fall down dead!

I see you’re in dilemma,
And I am there as well:
For I must meet my quota,
And you can’t think of hell!

My deal is very simple,
My plan is plain as day
Just speak not of the wrath of God
Or of the narrow way!

Only speak of God as “Father,”
Never “Judge” and never “Lord”
And beware to read no further
Than this precept will afford.

Then all men you may call “brother”
Of all faiths and walks and ways
Speak of love for one another
And from all you will hear praise

Your “messiah” you may keep of course
But only just His life
Ever afters and befores
Will only cause you strife

In His journey we find solace
In His living we find life
And his dying is one instance
Of man’s triumph over strife.

He was such a gifted teacher!
Doing what all men should do
Trying better, doing harder,
And I tell you – “So should you!”

For you see, we are all equal
In this great, eternal plan
And His life was but a prequel
To the majesty of man.

Now a heaven we may build here
On this firm terrestrial ball
Faiths and fellows all may draw near
‘Round the goodness in us all!

Then a statue tall and glor’ius
We may shake up to the skies
Built within us and without us
In our image, it will rise!

Only listen very closely:
For this God of theirs is dead
Only make believe and stories
Spun within the human head.

And if humans are the writers
Then their gods are but their own
And their teachers are but paupers,
Speaking what they do not know.

For their make-believe and magic
Could be useful if they knew
That it lives to build an ethic,
And it never once was true.

Would you come away and whisper
Of the world that we could make
Of a forest richer, greener –
Of the kinder, gentler Snake.

Only would you leave off whining
Of this “Just, Eternal Lord”?
Don’t you see the sun is shining?
Don’t you feel Him in your core?

Only listen – can you listen?
No you can’t – I see the flaw.
For you think it must be written
And all truth must bind as law.

Listen deeper and within you
To that heart of purest stone
For within you is the all-truth,
In all majesty enthroned.

And if only you will listen
You may read what you will read
Only let the Lisper glisten
Over stalk and rock and seed.

And just let no-one seduce you
To that narrow, deadly gate
Doing what those babblers do,
You may partake in their fate.

For you know we are the owners
Of the world, the Soul, the skies,
And you know we are the rulers
Of our own, our brief demise.

So now follow me my children,
Come along just for the ride
For you see me – I have bitten,
And you see, I haven’t died!

And just think you’ll be a grown-up
Fin’ly knowing right from wrong
Only follow me and eat this up,
And now sink into my song…

Now at last you see my cunning
In this last and dreadful day.
For saw not Hell coming,
And I have got my prey!


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