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Five months ago, when I decided to shut down my blog for a season, I was heart-broken. Today, however, I realize it was worth it. In this time, I have completed all but one of my classes for my MA in Theology. The amount of work which I completed would likely have taken me over a year and a half to complete at my previous pace, and dropping the blog was one of the necessary components of my recent study-break.

HoweverI am back, and the pause has wrought some beneficial changes which I would like to share with you all:

1) Fresh Categories: I have cleaned up and organized my categories, so that it is easier to navigate. (see on right)

2) Index of Posts: I have created an index of posts. Now, you can see all of the posts on a certain topic in order by date. This will make it much easier to see the evolution of my thoughts on one particular topic.

3) Best Posts: I have created a page with all my best posts, so that newcomers can skip straight to the “good stuff” without having to wade through so much of the “not-so-good stuff” to get there. Also, on the “Index” page, I have also identified my best posts for the same reason.

4) New Content: I have added about fifty previously-unpublished posts, cataloging my thoughts from the past year, especially as I wrestled long and hard with Karl Barth. You may use the calendar widget on the right to navigate to my older posts: the new content begins at about November 16, 2010 with the posts “Early Musings on Barth” and “What if Christianity is not a Religion?” You may also access this content through the “Index” tab, to the right.

5) Intellectual Journey: For those interested in the turns and twists my intellectual journey has brought me on, you can now see that all in one place. Simply go to the categories drop-down, and select “About me –> Intellectual Journey” You will want to scroll back to the oldest ones, to see how my thoughts have progressed.

6) New Theme: And, of course, I have a new theme. Yup. It’s brown. And Red. Veeeeeery cool.

I never know what the future holds, and I have learned to refrain from making promises on my blog, because I usually cannot/do not deliver: however, here are a few things I would like to do (Lord willing!) on this blog in the future:

1) Research & Position Papers: I hope to polish up and publish most of my research papers on all sorts of topics, including Christian gender-roles, the TNIV, Christian Environmentalism, divorce and remarriage, Pacifism in the Early Church, The Gospel According to Karl Barth, and many many more

2) Examine New Topics: I would like to work through my beliefs on a number of issues I have been avoiding, such as Eschatology, Creation Science, Hermeneutics, and Eternal Security.

3) Publish Kindle Book: I would like to publish my previous blog — in which I became Emergent, tested things out from the inside for a season, then realized the problems and left, then understood and refuted the tenets of Emergent Liberalism — into a Kindle-book. My first draft of this book will be ready soon, and I am looking for a small group of volunteers who would receive a free copy in exchange for some honest feedback and editing.

4) Critique Emergent: Drawing on my own experience and my research, I would like to write some clear and concise definitions on the Emergent Movement, which would affirm what is Biblical and good, while refuting what is unBiblical and bad in the movement. At the top of the list is writing a review on Rob Bell’s latest book, Love Wins.

5) Produce Bible-Studies and Devotions: I am finally, by the grace of God, emerging out of the fog and confusion of School. This has happened not by studying more theology, but by spending more time in God’s Word. I am finding great joy in producing Bible studies and devotionals, and will post some of these as well.

6) Sermons Podcast: Finally, I have been recording all of my sermons and will continue to do so. After a few more things fall into place, I hope to be able to publish a sermons podcast, and perhaps a video channel on youtube.

Well, that should be enough to keep me busy over the summer. I wish you all well, and hope you will enjoy catching up on my new blog!

Take care and God bless!

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