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Basic Beliefs (Youth Study Plan)

I wrote this lesson for a night when we had quite a large and very hyper group. I wanted to just go through the basics of the gospel, in a way which invited participation but was not too lengthy.

My lesson consisted of handing out the following sheets and assigning groups of youth to each set of questions. (Download in PDF Handout: Gospel Overview, or see bottom of post) Try to select groups with at least one person who is churched, or is able to navigate through Scriptures well.

After giving the youth about ten minutes to circle the appropriate answers, I regathered the group and we watched the following video:

After the video, I said, “This video has talked about a set of beliefs. Beliefs are important! They dictate the way that we live. We are just going to take a few minutes to see what beliefs the Bible presents to us, on some of the major issues of life.”

I then invited each group to read their verse, then I asked them, “so, what does the Bible say about…?”

When we actually did this lesson, it went far too quickly and my assistant-leader took the opportunity afterward to recap the gospel, and do a small sermonette. I think it tied it off quite nicely.



1. Humanity (Ecclesiastes 7:29):

a) Was created good, and remains good

b) Was created upright, but turned away

c) Was created bad, but evolved towards goodness

2. How many people are good? (Psalm 14:3)

a) No one is good.

b) Some people are good, some are bad.

c) I am good: everybody else is bad!


1. What happens after death? (Hebrews 9:27)

a) We are reincarnated many times

b) We die once, then we are judged for our lives

c) We die and that is just “it.” There is no afterlife.

2. What can we do to pay for our sins? (Isaiah 64:6)

a) We can do less bad things, and more good things.

b) We can give lots of money to charity, and not swear.

c) Our righteousness is worthless, so we’re hooped.


1. What has Jesus done for us? (Romans 5:6)

a) He did nothing for us

b) He lived perfectly, to make us feel bad.

c) He died in our place.

2. Why does this matter? (Isaiah 53:6)

a) Because God put our sins upon Him.

b) Because otherwise we wouldn’t have Easter!

c) I have no idea.


1. Are there many ways to be saved? (John 14:6)

a) All religions have a valid path of salvation

b) Jesus is the only way to be saved

c) No religions save: you must look inside for help

2. What must I do to be saved? (Romans 9:9-10)

a) Believe that Jesus died and rose for you

b) Confess that He is Lord (or “the boss”) of your life

c) All of the above

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