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Idolatry and Worship of the True God (Youth Lesson Plan)


– Read Exodus, 20:3-4, Deut. 5:7-8, 1 John 5:21
– What is an idol? (expect to get responses referring to stone images, etc.)
– Does this commandment have any relevance to us today? (expect to receive answer “no.” Do not discuss, but leave question hanging…)

Watch movie:

(note: preview and hide screen for first 5 sec.)

Discussion Questions:

[Note: when I did this, I printed off sheets with the questions, but no answers. I instructed the youth to find the answers by paying attention to the video. Then, when I began asking questions they had already been thinking about them.]

File 2016-04-02, 5 25 25 PM

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“What is an Idol?”
– Something that occupies the place of God in your life
– Takes priority, precedence, prominence
– It is the most important thing
– It is where we go when we are:
– Grieving
– Happy
– In trouble
– Gives hope for the future
– Gives purpose in life
– (e.g. alcohol)

“What idols were mentioned? Can you think of some idols in your school?”
– Madonnah, movie stars
– Michael Jackson
– Starbucks
– Body image
– Justin Beiber

“Why do these idols always disappoint? Can you tell a story of someone disappointed by an idol? How did it make that person feel?”
– Aren’t perfect
– Don’t live forever
– Not continually faithful
– Twilight? M. Jackson? RPG’s and video games? Dating relationships? Substances?

“What does it mean to ‘worship’ an idol?”
– Make it known to the world that you worship (e.g. starbucks)
– Sacrifice your time, health, energy (e.g. work)
– Devote your emotions to your worship (e.g. Jackson)
– Find fulfillment and identity (e.g. working out)

File 2016-04-02, 2 04 50 PM

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“What would it look like to worship God?”
– Make your choice known to the world
– Sacrifice time, health, energy
– Devote your emotions to God
– Find fulfillment and identity in God

“Why God, not other idols?”
– He is perfect
– He lives forever
– He is faithful
– He will not disappoint you

* Most of all, you were made to worship God, and you will have a hunger inside which is not satisfied until you truly learn to worship Him with your whole heart.

Take a moment to carefully consider the following questions:
1) Do I have idols? What are they?
2) Are they satisfying my needs and desires? Will they disappoint me?
3) If I were to worship God, what would it look like?


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