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Evil Robots (Youth Study Plan)

This is a youth Bible-study lesson. It was fun and worked well! The theme is explaining that God is Creator, and laying the foundation for understanding Hell and the Gospel.


– Find several tubs of Lego and dump them on a central table, with chairs around.

– Modify chart at the end of this post to suit the page numbers in your pew Bibles. Hand it out and ask for volunteers to read “passage one,” “passage two,” etc.

Activity: Tell youth that they have fifteen minutes to build a Lego robot to 1) help them with a task, or 2) save the world. At the end of this time, they will introduce their robot to us. They will tell us 1) the robot’s name, 2) what it “does.”

After each person has introduced their robot, ask the following:


1. So, who is in charge – you or your robot? Why?

2. Who gives the orders – you or your robot? Why?

3. Who is served by whom? Why?

(Note: you will sense a theme developing – the “creator” has rights over the “creation”)


4. So, let’s just say for a moment that your robot went evil. What would you do?

(Note: you are looking for the answer, “I would destroy it!” If this answer is not given immediately, ask the following:)

4.a) Like, what if it didn’t obey you, and always ran away and malfunctioned?

4.b) Or if it started destroying your stuff and terrorizing your dog?

4.c) Or went completely psycho and started killing people?

(Answer: I would destroy it)


5. But, are you sure that you have a right to destroy it? Doesn’t the robot have rights? (Answer: again – ‘I made it, I can destroy it’)


Turn to the previously-handed-out chart. The verses will lead you through a discussion. Ask a person to read, then discuss as follows:

Genesis 2:7, 21-22

…so, you see that God has created us.

Genesis 1:31

…so you see that He made us “very good.”

Genesis 6:5-6

…you see that only a few chapters later, something happened and now humanity had “gone evil” on Him. Rather than going through in detail what happened, we will turn to the following verse which summarizes it:

[Note: when I did this, our discussion got derailed on the fact that God “regretted” making man. So we talked at length about sovereignty vs. free-will. The youth were really into it, and so was I! However, if you aren’t up to this, you may consider skipping this verse]

Ecclesiastes 7:29

…so you see that God made humanity good, but humanity exercised free-will and turned away from Him into sin. Or, they “went evil.”

(Potential lead-in to discussion: You all said that you would destroy your robots if they went evil. What do you think God should do with humanity?)

Psalm 36:5-8

…in spite of how evil humanity is, God still provides for, shelters and protects us. However, because He loves us He does not want to just let us go our own way. He has a rescue-plan in effect to reverse the evil wiring inside us.

Ezekiel 11:19

We saw in Genesis that “every intention of the heart was evil” – but here God is talking about a plan to take out that heart and put in a new one. This is God’s rescue-plan for humanity.

2 Peter 3:9-13

This rescue plan is serious business. Like you said, the way to deal with a bad creation is to destroy it and start over – which is exactly what God is going to do. However, He is making a way of salvation for us all. He would rather repair His “evil robots” than destroy them!

Acts 4:12

It is in Jesus Christ that this salvation is to be found.

2 Corinthians 5:17

When we come to Christ, the old things pass away, and all things begin to be made new. This process doesn’t happen over night, however, the rebooting process can begin the moment we accept Christ as our Saviour.

Segue: “Now, to illustrate this, I would like to call on brother x, to talk about how Jesus changed his heart…”

(Ask someone who has a “before Christ” and “after Christ” testimony to tell about the difference which Christ made in their heart. Prep. them beforehand: the “testimony” shouldn’t be long, but should just emphasize ways in which their heart changed. Did they begin loving their parents/spouse in a new way? Did they suddenly desire to pray/read their Bible? Did sin lose its appeal? etc.)

After this brief testimony, pray and dismiss.

One Genesis 2:7 Page 2
Two Genesis 2:21-22 Page 2
Three Genesis 1:31 Page 1
Four Genesis 6:5-6 Page 4
Five Ecclesiastes 7:29 Page 468
Six Psalm 36:5-8 Page 391
Seven Ezekiel 11:19 Page 583
Eight 2 Peter 3:9-13 Page 843
Nine Acts 4:12 Page 758
Ten 2 Corinthians 5:17 Page 803

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