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Creation Science: Two Options

I am still working through my beliefs on this topic. If you have an opinion you would like to share, or resources you would like to link to (audio resources are especially valued), or you would like to interact with my thoughts, I would very much like to hear your opinions.

In studying the question of Christianity and creation, two options present themselves.

First, we may surmise that what we mean by, “God, the Creator” is virtually identical with what we mean when we say “Frank, the carpenter,” or “Sally, the engineer.” That is, we may assume that God interacted immediately and simply with the creation as He formed it. He “set” the earth in place, he “flying” that stars in the sky, he (physically) knelt down and made an Adam out of the dust of the earth, etc. This reading has the advantage of being closer to the plain meaning of the texts of Scripture: this is probably this sort of thing which the original writers and writers of Scripture had in mind. This reading, however, is virtually incompatible with modern science.

A second possibility is that God initially infused this world with light, energy, matter and power, creating “something” out of “nothing.” This form is and raging wasteland he then over-shadowed with His spirit, and spoke order and life into it by His invisible Word, operating through the unseen power of His Spirit. Thus it is that we find the universe to be such an ordered place that we cannot speak long of it without speaking of laws — and who will not and then look upwards to the Law-Giver? And we find this powerful and beautiful and fragrant and invisible force also at work — breathing life and healing and richness and order into the most chaotic of wastelands. And will we not look up and look in, to see if this Spirit is not knocking at our hearts door as well?

This latter reading is not what the original writers had in mind: however, their words do break out of the mold of an anthropocentric cosmology, and point to some greater reality beyond the clear and simple. It is not a great stretch, but rather an enrichening and filling of Scriptures to read and thus. Most importantly, it distances Christian faith from one specific cosmology, allowing it to flourish within not one, but several times, ages and intellectual frameworks. Then, the debators of this stage may go about their business, without the inpatient intrusion of faith into discussions quite foreign and entirely beyond its expertise and proper domain.

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