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Barth: Influenced, but not yet Convinced

This is an excerpt from my journal, which I kept while studying for a class on Karl Barth. It does not represent my finished thoughts on Barth. Please read my later posts on Barthianism, and especially my paper « The Gospel According to Barth » for my finished thoughts on the topic. If you have an objection or answer to my thoughts here, I would be hugely grateful for your input!

It would be disingenuous to say that I am untouched by Barth. Directly and indirectly, I have basked in the glow of his raging intellect. I am tanned from his radiation. Whether or not I have become or will become similarly irradiated, however, is the question under consideration. At any rate, might options are radical detox, or radical emergent: simple avoidance is no longer an option, if it ever was.

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