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Barth Class

Well, it is finally here! After pestering my teacher twice (see here and here), Dave Guretzki (see blog, or facebook) has finally offered to teach a class specifically on the theology of Karl Barth. That I am excited about this class is an undstatement of epic proportions. For better or worse, Barth is the most important theologian of the last century, and perhaps since the Reformation. Guretzki has written a major book on Barth (Karl Barth on the Filioque) and is an emerging leader on Barthian studies.

What better topic to pour my energies into? And who better to do it under? I am pumped!!

With his permission, I have included the syllabus from the class: BT859 Theology of Karl Barth January 2011.

For those following my journal posts, please contextualize my thoughts on Barth by noting which come before, during, and after this class, which stretches from January 3-6.

Yahoo!! I am so excited to begin!!

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