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Barth at the News-Stand

This is an excerpt from my journal, which I kept while studying for a class on Karl Barth. It does not represent my finished thoughts on Barth. Please read my later posts on Barthianism, and especially my paper « The Gospel According to Barth » for my finished thoughts on the topic.

[Note: I need a cartoonist! If you can draw, and you think this cartoon is note-worthy, by all-means draw it and send it to me!]

The image is this: a news-stand with various magazines, all portraying various messages:

Vanity Fair: « Red is in, Blue is out. »

Sports Illustrated: « Anorexic is in, Fleshy is out. »

Wheels: « Fuel-Efficient is in, Gas-Guzzling is out. »

Theology Today: « Barth is in, Calvinism is out. »

The collective message of all of the above (Theology definitely included) is that there seems to be a consensus of style, a heirarchy of opinion driving theology. Is Barth worthy of the attention he receives? Perhaps. Perhaps not. At any rate, it seems very difficult to question him, since « all the cool theologians » have read him and rave about him. It seems like it would be a long and difficult road to walk, to be a theologian who dislikes or refutes Barth.

Exactly how much of this « peer-reviewed » science is dominated by peer-pressure, do you think?

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