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Reflections on the Christian and Higher Education

As I mentioned elsewhere, I believe that God does speak to us today. I believe that He often speaks to Christians through a quiet, internal voice. Of course, it is very possible to confuse His voice with my voice. Therefore, I always take conversations like these with a grain of salt, evaluating them constantly against Scriptures. I pray that you will do the same.

[Upon reading Daniel, that he was « educated in all the knowledge of the Persians » – and yet was a great man of God, I began to pray/journal:]

« So, God, you don’t want me to retreat from education? It’s okay to study all this stuff?

Jesus: « Do not shrink back. Ride forth and conquer, mighty warrior. » (cf. Judg. 6:12)

[the next day]

Jesus: « Have I not commanded you? Be bold and courageous! »

[The following day I received a card which said something to the effect of:]

« When you speak, speak with boldness and courage! »

I feel encouraged, but a little apprehensive about what is around the corner…

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