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How Could A Loving God Also Be Jealous?

The better question to ask is, “How could a loving God not be jealous?” It is the nature of love to be committed and faithful to its object. Love covenants – not under compulsion, but freely, spontaneously and lavishly. I have never yet see a bride resisting and crying out as she walks down the aisle. But is there any contract more binding, more absolute, more final than marriage? She is covenanting not only all of her finances and assets, but her body, her soul and the souls and bodies of her children to this man – and he to her. They covenant not until such and such a date, but with the ominous finality of, “’till death do us part.”

But they weep not – or, if they weep, they weep for joy and not for sorrow – for who would have it any other way? What greater joy is there than to love, and also to be loved? And what true love is there which does not instantly and spontaneously long to spin for itself that cocoon of fidelity, built on bars of eternality, sealed with the iron chains of covenant?

Lovers do this joyously, gladly, exuberantly, foolishly. No one forces them: indeed, no one could stop them!

Why? Because they are in love.

But how can you say that love is not jealous? For what wife would tolerate a mistress? What husband would tolerate even a flirtatious smile to another man? How could a woman tolerate even a wandering eye of her husband? And who is not at times jealous of the very minds of their beloved?

“For love is as strong as death, Jealousy is as severe as Sheol;Its flashes are flashes of fire,The very flame of the LORD.” (Song of Solomon 8:6).

I have a test for you. Pick the one whom you love the most. Think about the unspoken (or spoken) covenant which is between you. What is it that you have promised to do freely, joyfully and faithfully for your beloved? Think carefully about all of the cords of love binding your hearts together in mutuality, harmony and joy. Think of your dreams together. Think of your courtship. Think of all the tenderest moments which have been between you.

Now imagine your beloved turning, pulling, snapping, and indifferently pulling apart every covenant he has ever made with you, and rebinding his heart to another.

My belief is this: your anger at your betrayal will be directly proportionate to the love at your covenanting.

For love is inherently jealous.


  1. C’mon,Josiah,every text has a context, and if you study real hard you’ll discover that covenants are to be broken at the slightest hiccup.

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