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Zeitgeist Debunked!

Most of you will have no idea what « Zeitgeist » is. However, it is an internet phenomenon youtube documentary which (supposedly) completely disproves Christianity and especially the existence of Jesus Christ.

You can view this video here:

You can hear Bruxy Cavey respond to this clip and also to Dan Brown’s « Davinci Code » in a more quick, sound-bite way in the following clips:

After years of responding to e-mails on this topic, Bruxy Cavey preached two sermons specifically on Zeitgeist in the seromon-series « Duped. » In these two sermons, Bruxy goes into far more detail, and picks apart Zeitgeist piece by piece. If you are really interested in this topic, I would recommend subscribing to the MeetingHouse Audiocast on iTunes, so that you can also download the « drive-home » for these sermons, where Bruxy really does cover this topic in great detail.

If you are going to take the time for this sermon, I would not necessarily recommend listening to the above material, because there will be overlap.

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