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Zeitgeist Debunked!

Most of you will have no idea what “Zeitgeist” is. However, it is an internet phenomenon youtube documentary which (supposedly) completely disproves Christianity and especially the existence of Jesus Christ.

You can view this video here:

You can hear Bruxy Cavey respond to this clip and also to Dan Brown’s “Davinci Code” in a more quick, sound-bite way in the following clips:

After years of responding to e-mails on this topic, Bruxy Cavey preached two sermons specifically on Zeitgeist in the seromon-series “Duped.” In these two sermons, Bruxy goes into far more detail, and picks apart Zeitgeist piece by piece. If you are really interested in this topic, I would recommend subscribing to the MeetingHouse Audiocast on iTunes, so that you can also download the “drive-home” for these sermons, where Bruxy really does cover this topic in great detail.

If you are going to take the time for this sermon, I would not necessarily recommend listening to the above material, because there will be overlap.

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