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Worship in Unworthiness

Worthy, thou art worthy, oh great Lamb that was slain!

Every word, every honor, every word of praise pales before you, is unworthy of you – but it is such a delight to sing worship to you, would you fault your children, who would burst if they could not cry out, or groan, or shout or scream of your great mercy, justice, love, power, grace, majesty?

Indeed, you fault us not – indeed, this is our gift. How could it be that you would fit a creature such as me for a task so great as this – to worship in unworthiness the God of all worth?

Worthy – we are unworthy.

Every gift, every talent, every success, all comes from you.

Unworthy servants – so unworthy. Every band, a crippling weight – each gem a weight untold. Honored beyond our measure, we crumple, we shatter, we fall prostrate. Facedown, our crowns skid towards your throne.

For you are worthy.

We unworthy.

To your name be praise, honor, and glory both now and forever more!

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