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Emergent Posters

Wow! I just got an E-mail from a friend (Lamar) who sent me the link to this super-awesome web-page, with a whole bunch of posters making fun of/critiquing the (radical) emergent movement.

Some of them were obscure, went over the top, or went after somebody I actually like (Driscoll…but then he deserved to be critiqued for « spicy talk »), but all in all, I can’t get over how insightful many of these posters actually are.

If you have read my posts on Liberalism, on the Emergent Church, or on Brian MacLaren, or if you heard my recent sermon on the Emergent Church and Liberalism (sorry, still not uploaded yet…summer’s a lousy time to stare at a computer screen working out glitches…), you will know that these posters really tickle me where I itch….or something like that.

Here are some of my favorites!

Is Liberalism/Emergent about removing labels, or switching them? A lot of both…

This one is so very, very true!

I could go on and on, but that would be redundant. If you find these interesting, why not go over to and look at them yourself?

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