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Bruxy On The Afterlife

Quite unexpectedly, I have gotten into a bit of a discussion under “Piper: Behold now…the severity of the Lord.” I am surprised because 1) the Scriptures seem explicitly clear on this topic, and 2) I have never heard anybody seriously challenge the topic of hell before. Most people I know only quietly ignore it, although technically they do believe in it. In view of this last point, I find it slightly humorous that a point used against me several times has been “most people I know believe x…” Well, most people I know believe y! I suppose the trick is to only hang out with people that agree with you, and then your authority-base always matches your beliefs, right…? ; D

I suppose here I have hit on the real beauty of a blog – meeting people from really and truly different walks of life and thought-systems, and exchanging thoughts with them. It really is a beautiful thing!

…but I digress. I am writing this post to introduce Bruxy Cavey’s series “Beyond the Grave.” (By the way – his material is more easily accessed – and available with video content – via podcast from iTunes) It includes four sermons with one supplemental teaching-time (he calls that the “drive-home”…where he covers all the things he didn’t have time to say in the sermon on his “drive home” from church). As always, Bruxy is extensive in his research and clear in his presentation. An excellent starting-point for anybody who suddenly realized that they haven’t given much thought to this important topic, and wanted to really dig deep into Scriptures, and into the various perspectives and interpretations.

Because this relates to the dialogue going on with the before-mentioned post, I will mention his basic belief on hell. He says (quoting somebody), “The good news is that the language of darkness, flames, etc., is probably symbolic. The bad news is that the reality is probably far worse.” This about sums up my own position.

My only complaint with Bruxy is that he never really comes to a conclusion about annihilation (the belief that hell ceases the existence of people) and eternal conscious torment (…which is the traditional view of the church). In my view, the Scriptures are not as vague as he thinks they are. Piper’s opinion expressed in “The Echo and Insufficeincy of Hell,” (the audio version, not the transcript) seem to more than over-rule the objections raised.

I am not really wanting to jump into this issue, since I phased out the gender topic to focus on a class I really need to finish. I can handle a few comments and questions, but if people really want to get into it, I will just leave the questions hanging and hope that people from opposing viewpoints find each other to duke it out. As much as I would like to, time is of a premium at this point.


  1. On the Piper thread, the last 2 posts were:

    On April 20, 2010 at 8:36 am Don Said:
    When I accepted Jesus, I entered into life.

    On April 21, 2010 at 5:06 am Josiah Said:

    Okay, never mind. We’re done. If you aren’t interested in answering simple questions directly, in pursuing truth, what, exactly, is the point?

    This thread is over.

    I AM answering simple questions directly, it is just that you do not like my answers.

    What would YOU do if someone asks you a question and says select from 1, 2, 3 and you want to respond with D? I choose to respond with D. This is because your categories for valid answers are not the same as mine. As I have said repeatedly, you need to remove your Greek thinking hat and put on a more Hebraic thinking hat, but this is a challenge. And it is hard to help with posts in a forum.

    • You didn’t go back far enough. The question which you are supposedly answering clearly is “In summary: the reason I keep coming back to the word “place” is because I think Hell IS a place. Obviously you disagree.

      When it comes to the afterlife, there are really a surprisingly few number of real options. Either we just die and that is it, or we die and all go to the same place, or we die and go to different places. There is also the possibility of reincarnation and some other goofy things, but you get the picture: for Christians, there are basically these three options: extinction, universalism, or heaven/hell.

      Which “place” do you think you will end up in after death, Don? Maybe we could start there.”

      Whenever you want to answer this question, I may consider re-opening that thread.

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