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Christian Environmentalism

A couple days ago, I mentioned a sermon from Bruxy Cavey to some of my friends. This sermon is, I think, one of the best introductions to “the real world” of materialism/consumerism/environmentalism, and the Christian’s response to it.

This sermon is in the series: “Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid.” It is sermon #4. Sermons #1 and #3 are also very good.

Bruxy also did a whole series on Christian stewardship called “Organic: Worshipping the Creator by Saving the Creation,” which I would definitely recommend.

Bruxy’s emphasis on creation here provides a helpful corrective to the “one-sided other-wordliness” (to quote Machen) which could result from undue emphasis on hell/heaven, from my last post.

At the end of the day, I would rather save one soul than the whole world (misquotation of Mark 836?), but this doesn’t have to be an “either-or” proposition. I have time in my busy life to worship God by singing to Him: I think I can also take time in my busy life to worship Him by caring for the planet that He loves so dearly, and also to (hopefully!) be compassionate to my children’s children by leaving them a planet which is at least slightly less contaminated and destroyed than the one that I received.

If you are interested in a more scholarly look at this topic (aka. if you are writing a research paper on it), you will need to find Lynne White’s journal article on the subject. [Lynn White, “The Historical Roots of Our Ecological Crisis,” Science 155 (1967)] Since it’s publication, this has been the main article which Christians have been responding to. Also, there was a symposium at the MacLauren institute ( entitled “Conference: Christianity and the Environment” which gives a very compelling overview of the relevant opinions within the relatively recent field of Christian environmentalism.

Finally, for the truly brave of heart, you can read my research paper entitled “Stewarding the Environment.” (Please use but don’t abuse – God sees you when you plagiarize!)


  1. Josiah,I’d like to comment on this one .It may take awhile.BTW,I think a sabbatical of about 1 week would be about right.
    Liberalism has infected both theology and politics.If you could get a copy of Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg,it would be worth your time.It’s dealing primarily with American history in the 20th century.One of the most important agendas of the libs is environmentalism.In fact ,the 3 r’s of education are fast becoming”reduce,reuse,recycle.” And this insanity is being preached in many churches.If Al Gore really believed his doctrine,he’d live in a tepee with no ac.More later.

    • Thanks for the thoughts!

      Interesting that I didn’t read this until now, but a week ended up being about what I landed on.

      Did you read my post a while back on Christian Stewardship? I am with you that people go too far with it, but I think it is also true that some people – Christians especially – react too strongly, and should be more concerned about God’s creation than they are…especially since 1) God loves it, 2) He has given it to us to lovingly care for, 3) the future comfort, safety, etc. of humans depends (at least to SOME degree) on how well we take care of the planet.

      Interesting thoughts anyways – thanks!

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