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What Our Heroes Teach Us About Love


Make large cards with the following words on them:

“Patient, Impatient, Kind, Unkind, Faithful, Unfaithful, Peaceful, Stressed, Gentle, Harsh, Self-Centered, Undisciplined, Self-Controlled, Forgiving, Hopeful, Arrogant, Unforgiving, Violent Temper, A Drunkard.”

Scatter the word-cards on the center of the table.


Direct the youth to think carefully about one person they greatly look up to and respect. Make sure they are not thinking of a superficial attraction, like to a super-star: rather, have them think of a role model. (Note: sure, everyone wants to be rich, famous, good looking, etc. But don’t focus on that: who would you like to be on the inside?)

Tell each youth that they are to select three cards that describe their “hero.” They are then to describe their “hero” with the cards. Go first to break the ice and demonstrate.


When everyone is done, ask the group which cards were the most popular.

[With a few exceptions, you will notice that the words listed in 1 Corinthians 13 come up over and over again]

Have someone read 1 Corinthians 13:4-7

–> Draw attention to the fact that in Bible terms, all of the admirable traits we have noticed have been an aspect of “love”

Have someone read John 15:13

–> Discuss ways in which various character traits demonstrate examples of “dying to self”

–> Explain that Christian love means “putting the other person first”

Have someone read 1 Corinthians 8:1 [just the last line]

–> Explain that while knowledge makes “puffed up” people, love builds people up into genuine, solid, dependable, faithful role-models

Have someone read 1 Timothy 1:5

–> Explain that the purpose of Christian teaching is to create these sorts of traits in people, so that people can become the sorts of people who others will look up to and depend on

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