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Real Woman Manifesto

On our local Christian Radio Station, I heard an episode of Nancy Leigh DeMoss’ show « Revive our Hearts, » in which they were discussing « The True Woman Manifesto » (available with discussion and resources from This is the first that I have heard of this document, but I read over it and it all sounds pretty solid to me. Especially since people reading this blog seem interested in this topic right now, I thought a link to this document would be helpful.

What are your reactions? Do you agree or disagree with this document? If so, why?


  1. Josiah,

    You need to approve my earlier comment so others can see it.

    Also, one can read the comment section on her post to see other’s reactions.

    • ….Does CBE posts content from complementarians? It seems like if you have a site like that, it’s to present your views, isn’t it? Seems fair to me.

      • CBE’s blog’s starting posting are egal, but they allow public comments from anyone to be posted, within some guidelines. CBMW does not allow posting any public comments.

      • The blog owner can decide how to run their blog. But the lack of public feedback on CBMW’s blog does imply they do not want this. Draw your own conclusions.

      • All sites have their drawbacks. CBE offers very few resources for free, as I have already pointed out. Yes, we draw the conclusions we want about sites, based on whether or not they meet our criteria.

      • CBE has lots of free papers, certainly enough to start for those that wish to read them.

        I agree that if one wants to HEAR egal teachings one needs to buy CDs from them.

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