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"Christ the Cornerstone" – A Central Thesis of Driscoll

We just listened to the sermon « Temptation to Worldliness » by Mark Driscoll. As always, I highly recommend his resources.

This sermon was a hard-hitting look at 1 Peter 2:4-12. Mark challenged us to place Christ as the cornerstone of our lives – not a stone somewhere up there in the wall. A phrase stands out to me, « When you place Christ as the cornerstone, it is amazing how many people will trip over you! »

On the one hand, the « Liberals » – that is, those who have sold out to the values and worldview of the 21’s century – will be offended that you do not agree with them, that you make Christianity look outdated, that you dare to imply that their moral standards may be deficient. On the other hand, the « Conservatives » – that is, those who have retreated into a 1950’s (or older!) set of values, morals and worldviews – will be offended at you, since you are not respecting their traditions, you care about people they hate, and you imply that their cherished lists of rules are obsolete.

A very good sermon, which I would highly endorse: it has the power to change your life completely. Also, this sermon explains a lot of the flack that Driscoll gets.

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  1. Jesus offended many in his day as well. Including his own family and ethnic group. It is impossible to obey God’s Word and not step on toes. If we are not suffering for « righteousness sake » (following Jesus) we had better take a closer look at our lives and heart.

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