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My Position On Abortion

As a cool, emergent type, abortion has been one of those topics which I have conveniently pushed to the periphery of my psyche. Yes, some unborn children die. Yes, this is technically wrong. No, I never really bought into the whole “only tissue until born” mythology of the pro-choice camp. But, I argued, the Evangelicals seem to have only two hobby-horses which they ride over and over – abortion and homosexuality. (Note: this line I learned from Drew Marshall, who modified it from Tony Campolo’s “Letters to a Young Evangelical”) Enough, enough already – others are covering plenty of bandwidth with this topic. Conveniently, I just ignored the issue.

This needs to end. I am only a humble blogger: I am not sure how much I can realistically do. However, I will do what I can: I am stating publicly that my stance on abortion is that abortion of an unborn child is murder. It is not for a woman to decide whether her unborn child lives or dies anymore than it is her choice whether her birthed child lives or dies.

Are there extenuating circumstances, loop-holes, exceptions? Perhaps there are a tiny percentage – just as there are a tiny percentage of cases where one adult human’s life is weighed against another. However, the number of cases that fall into this category is so minuscule, that Mark Driscoll (in his excellent sermon on this topic) is wise to completely side-step the fine print and get at the heart of the issue. In virtually all cases, abortion is a murder of convenience.

As I say this, I am having a similar sort of feeling that I had when I turned to really face the fact that the Bible spoke about hell. If hell is real, the horror and finality of that place must affect so much of what we do here and now. There is no excuse for wimpy evangelism, for indifference towards missions, for pulpits who go years and decades without even touching the subject. In a similar way – if abortion is really murder, there is no excuse for being silent, being passive, being defeatist.

The way I see it is this: if I was alive in Nazi Germany, my life likely would not have ended the Holocaust. However, I would hope that I would protest loudly enough, and fight vigorously enough against it that at least my life would vindicate me of corporate culpability in that great massacre. Would this have been hard? Likely it would have been. My grand-father risked life and limb to smuggle Jews out of Holland. I bear him undying gratitude, for a legacy which is untarnished by that great sin.

By definition, to remaining silent and passive when one has the ability to stop – or at least to attempt to stop – a crime is to be complicit with that crime.

In some small way, I hope that this post will extricate me from the great sin which Canada is committing against her unborn young.

My stance is this: I am against the pro-choice movement, and against abortion.

Since life is sacred, and abortion is murder.

I am proud to be a Canadian, but ashamed of this part of our legacy. To whatever extent I can, I will try to stand against it, and uphold the dignity of life.


  1. I am surprised to see no comments on this topic…yet.
    Good thoughts…We have to call it as it is: murder.
    Unfortunately, abortion is the shameful legacy of many, many countries. Not just Canada or the USA.

    (A friend of AnneJisca’s)

    • It is our own Holocaust, our Rwanda, our Darfur. We need to own it, and fight it where we can.

      Any friend of Anne Jisca’s is a friend of mine! Welcome! 😉

  2. Incredible post. I love what you said about our silence being an accomplice and the question of whether we would have stood against Hitler… great comparison, because the slaughter of human beings, born and unborn is no different than the killings of the Nazi’s!

    • What a great read, and such truth to what Josiah and Melanie have to say! I, too, am completely against abortion! Good for you, Josiah for taking this stand and speaking out! I will pray for your success, and all those who speak the truth!

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