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A Marriage Pre-Requisite Sermon

You know it…I know it….some women marry losers. Not that they are not valuable in God’s eyes, not that they don’t have potential…but for a variety of reasons, they just don’t reach for that potential or they become mean. For a woman who is stuck with such a man, life can be far less than it could be.

So how could a woman marrying such a man? How can a man take steps not to be such a man?

One easy way is to listen to this amazing sermon by Mark Driscoll. (Click here) Here Mark Outlines the major types of « loser guys » – with ways to avoid them, and practical, loving steps towards becoming a more mature man who better models Christ.

A word of warning: Driscoll communicates with all the subtlety of a 2/4. He is not being harsh just for the fun or being right, however: he believes (based on 1 Peter 3:7) that men are different from women. In his words « women are delicate wine-glasses. I would not be speaking like this at a ladies retreat. However, men are like a thermos: you can knock them around a bit. In fact, sometimes that is the only way to get through to them. » Well said.

For those who can handle some hard, pure truth on the topic of « what is it to be a man, » I highly recommend this sermon.

For an as-yet unmarried woman – this sermon may just save you from the worst mistake of your life!


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