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Relieving the Cranial Constipation

I am feeling a lot of “discomfort” in my head recently, and it is time I had some relief!

The last two months have been extremely important for me, as I went through a personal reformation of sorts, and began tapping into the extremely thought-provoking sermons of Mark Driscoll, and the ground-shakingly insightful course “History of Philosophy and Christian Thought” by Dr. John M. Frame. Mile on mile, these audio sources have been pumping thoughts and information into my grey matter as I work – bumping out older ones, combining to form new ones, digesting, rumbling and ruminating…but where, oh where could these thoughts go?

My mental business has been matched or exceeded my social busyness. Christmas brought its usual share of mayhem and I foolishly agreed to plan/present a candle-light service, then preach three Sundays in a row…even with two family gatherings (one involving a grueling 30-hour-trek!). Add to that the fact that the egalitarian debates have completely comadeered what little blogging time I had left to me…and you have one bloated, cramping, aching head!

When I have an important post/sermon/thought in my head, I just go over it and over it, thinking about the right way to say it, thinking about better and better illustrations, thinking about practical applications…it is normal to have three or four posts rattling around in there. Five or six is pushing it. Right now, there are so many I am loosing count – at least six of them are fully formed, and ready to write.

However, the longer I remain in silence, the harder it gets to post. All those posts are still bumping into thoughts and evolving…but I can’t say what I am thinking about now without first talking about the thoughts I should have posted two weeks ago, which builds on a post I should have written two weeks before that…

With so much coming in and nothing coming out, the pressure has been becoming unbearable! Two days ago, somebody passed me the Exlax. They baptized me in complements, washed me in affirmations, and told me that they really appreciated my heart, and thought I should keep on keeping on with the blogging thing.

The result has been this plan: not pretty, but hopefully effective.

I don’t like writing “crap,” but sometimes a man just has to do what a man has to do! If I spend my usual time microediting and reworking every detail of these posts, they will ust never see the light of day…it is time to just fling these annoying thoughts out of my brain, and let the chips land where they may.

I have two hours all to myself tonight, and I want to do my level best to get through the 6+ posts that have been bouncing around in my head for the last month or so. If I fail, I will keep on with this tomorrow and the next day, until my head is clear, and those who care to follow my mental/spiritual journey will be caught up to date.

Wish me luck!


  1. Sorry, about your bloated aching head, Josh. But it’s likely a good thing.

    The study on the progression and confusion of Christian thought sounds good. But Mark Driscol is a confused young man who exhibits it brazenly. I would rather see you delve into true scholarly studies such as the like of NT Wright or Kevin Giles.

    Blessings…. I’m off to Sunday Bible studies.

    • I am continuing to listen to Driscoll and am benefiting greatly from his teaching. It is refreshing to listen to someone who allows Scripture to speak through him, and takes the authority of Christ in his life seriously.

      Go ahead – blast away.

      Haven’t gone deep into Wright yet. He is in the category of those people who are causing a lot of confusion/controversy today, and I want to become stronger in my theological understanding before I tackle him.

  2. LOL I have no intention or need to blast. 🙂 Everyone has good points as well as bad. Same with Driscol.

    Wright is a new interest for me, and I wasn’t aware anyone thought he was causing any confusion. He has written some great stuff.

    • My apologies for assuming you would be ungracious. I have received some very harsh words for even tentatively recommending Driscoll on this blog.

      Wright seems to have some excellent apologetic/introductory material, but some of his more advanced stuff seems to be causing a lot of people I very much respect (Piper, Driscoll, etc.) to have grave concerns. Also, his teachings seem to be at the root of much up-and-coming ministries (e.g. Bell) that cause meto be concerned (although I don’t know enough yet to say for sure either way). Wright is a powerful, original thinker. This is a good thing…and a bad thing. Through the course of Christian history, it has been the geniuses of theology which have always caused the most damage, as a future post will illustrate.

      Anyways, not trying to throw the man out, but I have placed Wright in that category of people I am cautious of, until my mind becomes stronger and more able to sort out truth from error.

      • OK. Thanks for your thoughts on Wright. I haven’t read enough of his stuff to see anything geniusy radical. 🙂 What books of his do you see any problems with?

        On Driscol, I’ve watched enough of his videos to conclude I’ve much more scholarly Christians I’d rather listen to. Don’t have enough time to listen to and read everyone.

      • I’ll admit my questions with Wright come more from secondary sources. Wright came up with “the New Perspective on Paul,” which has a lot of main-line Evangelicals in a tizzy although even after taking a course almost exclusively on this topic, I still don’t really understand what it is all about. Wright also (I think as part of the New Perspective thing) questions/replaces the traditional view of atonement with something else. He also has a view of eschatology which is much different than the traditional view (the earth is renewed, rather than recreated).
        Anyways, I don’t want to give you the impression that I know wright well enough to speak authoritatively on him. I have just heard enough very smart people speaking with caution against him that I treat him with caution at this point. I am fast becoming passionate about protecting my mind from scholars/thinkers who have slightly aberrant views, and who may twist my thinking in deep ways, and cause me trouble down the road.
        Not sure if I could convince you to give Driscoll a second chance. If you download his free book (I mention it in a later post) it may change your mind about him. The second chapter is on his use of humor (which seems to be the thing most people dislike him for), and his other chapters are simply excellent treatments of various hot-topics like sexual purity, contraceptives, grace, eternal security, etc.
        I keep hearing bad stuff about him, but everything I hear from Driscoll is amazing. I’d be interested to know which sermons in particular cause all the trouble, if you had such information.

      • I order a couple of Wright’s books: “What Paul said…”, “Justification”, and his booklet on Easter. So, in the near future I’ll have more insight on him.

        As for Driscol, I’ve watched several of his video’s. I agree that he does have insight on many basic Christian beliefs. He wouldn’t be a minister if not. But I am coming to the conclusion that in the wide area of authority he may be deeply flawed. He does not allow anyone to question him, to the point of taking them off his staff. His ministry seems to be too much of him and not enough about the others who serve with him. Some of his video’s seem grand staging and not really coming from a submitted heart with good theological understanding. I particularly disliked the one where he yelled at abusive husbands. The message to stop abusing was there, but nothing more of substance that explained the error of abuse, or Scriptural teaching that might help either the abuser or the victim.

        Deep thoughtful thinkers that one can tell are committed and have gone through the years of spiritual training to get there are the ones I look to to grow from. Online, Wade Burleson and his father are good, even though I no longer care to carry the label of Baptist. Giles is my latest intrigue.

        It is my conviction to read and listen to both sides. I am not afraid of being polluted by different thinkers. It is my job to weigh their words, check them with Scripture and freely choose what to hang onto. Paul praised the Bereans for just that attitude. For this reason my library is full of books by people I love the words of and people whose words I feel are distorted or lacking.

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