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Psalm 51: how to repent like a champ!

Here is the sermon I preached two Sundays ago on finding real joy by dealing with sin. (Just occurred to me – never got around to naming this sermon – oh well!) I think people who found my last post interesting would be interested in this sermon.

The main gist of what I was saying is that a Christian who does not deal with their sin will find their spirituality fading and leaking away until all that is left is boredom and frustration. Those who deal with their sin will find their spirituality blossoming and growing like the escalating, climbing rays of a sunrise, which get brighter and brighter ’till noon-day.

The quote which I will tuck away in my back-pocked from my sermon notes is as follows:

“Sin and hell are the pitch-black canvass on which God in His providence strokes on His blazing orange, crimson-red, snow-white, and royal-blue – a masterpiece of such beauty that all of the Heavenly host stare in rapt attention and cry out unceasingly day and night, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God of hosts!” If we try to blanch out sin and hell, we will find our faith fading to watercolours, then fading

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