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A Mystery Solved About Mars Hill Church

Last week Keith sent me a link to some EXCELLENT sermons by Mark Driscoll, teaching pastor at the Mars Hill church. (Link in itunes here… I especially enjoyed the sermons « the struggle of false teachers. » Wow – Driscoll really knows how to say it like it is! And his words carry the genuine weight of Scriptures behind them. Yes, false teachers are « wolves » that kill and destroy the sheep. Yes, there are « close-handed » (aka really important) doctrines that you just CANNOT mess with. Yes, a true pastor needs to spend time guarding and defending his sheep against false teachers. So true!

All through his sermon, however, I just kept asking myself « How can Mark Driscoll and Rob Bell be pastors of the same church? » After all, Rob Bell – the man who recently wrote a book « Velvet Evlis, » in which he stated that religion is like a faded painting of elvis which needs to be re-painted every generation or so, and that the virgin birth and other essential doctrines are fair-game along with everything else – is also the pastor of Marsh Hill church. It seemed that the two were at complete logger-heads: according to Driscoll’s very correct interpretation of Scriptures, Rob Bell is a heretic.

I typed in « Driscoll vs Rob Bell » into Google and did indeed find that Driscoll has recently come out and said Rob Bell is a heretic, and he is (predictably) getting flames for it. I was all bothered by it, thinking, « After all his wonderful precision with Scriptures, has Driscoll allowed a heretic to emerge as co-pastor in his own church? This will absolutely devastate his ministry! »

Okay, long story short – there are two (at least) churches which are called « Mars Hill » church. Actually, Rob Bell’s is « Mars Hill Bible Church » (ironically enough, since they seem more concerned with popular spirituality and NT. Wright’s theology than the Bible per-se) and Driscoll’s church is just « Mars Hill Church. »

Well that makes sense…kind of. I suppose there’s a limit of good names in the bible. Too bad it worked out like this – so confusing!!


  1. Mark Driscoll’s « Mars Hill » church is in the Seattle area in Washington state. I believe it’s becoming a rather large church with all kinds of little « mars hills » churches getting planted on the west coast. I have some friends who have gotten involved in one of Driscoll’s church plants, which I think they have told me is actually still considered emerging possibly even emergent. I think the jury is still out trying to nail down the differences between those two terms, « emerging » and « emergent ». Rob Bell’s « Mars Hill », an emergent church is in Michigan which lies in the eastern half of the States.

    • Yeah…I don’t have much use for those terms, because it depends who is using them, and everybody has a different interpretation of what they mean. I think the REAL question is whether you put Jesus or Culture first, at the end of the day. From what I can see, Rob bell puts culture first, while Driscoll most CERTAINLY puts Christ first and foremost in his ministry.

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