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Creation Science: Are We Shooting Ourselves in the Foot?

“I believe the Bible, not any new-fangled scientific theory.”

“Once you start compromising the ‘literal’ reading of Scriptures on one issue, it will be a slippery slope away from all things good and essential about the faith.”

“When conflicting, you must believe the Bible rather than science, since the former is written by God, and the latter by mere men.”

Regardless of what you may be thinking, these quotes were not written in relation related to the “creation/evolution” debate. Actually, quite similar words (the words above are mine) were written by Luther, Calvin and the Pope concerning the flat earth. Yup, that’s right. Back in the day, when scientists finally figures out the earth was round, it was the Christian leadership which held the world back literally in the dark ages for centuries.

The fascinating thing about the whole flat earth issue is that despite all of the stink made about it, (and believe me, there was a stink!) the issue really makes no difference. If you read the Bible as a “flat-earth-er,” it makes sense: if you read it as a “round-earth-er,” it also makes sense. Only when these two world-views clash does a problem arise – but this problem only becomes a “religious” problem if one perspective or the other makes the horrible mistake of tying theology to science.

…which is precisely what happened. And yes – it is happening again with “creation-science.”

With the “flat-earth-debate,” the argument was decisively settled when Captain Cook circumvented the globe: tragically, there is no such resolution for this debate. The only one way to prove that God did create the earth is to get Him to do it again under laboratory conditions: there is absolutely no way to prove that He did not.

…and so the conversation goes on and on, with so much time and resources poured into a debate which only hurts the church!

For starters, most “Creation-Scientists” are not at all qualified to enter a scientific debate: many are pastors, parents and lay Christians. Some of the “experts” have impressive titles, but few are known outside of the Christian community. The material is designed for chuckles and “amen”’s at a Sunday-evening service, but sounds silly and trite to the unchurched ear.

More than losing face, however, the real looser of this debate are the children of the Church. After being thoroughly indoctrinated in the “young-earth-only” perspective all through childhood, what is a Christian teen to do when they enter college? Some ghettoize and find a way to hold onto their anti-intellectual faith: others (statistically, probably “most”) find it impossible to hold onto the simplistic explanations of their parents.

And here is the gunshot to the foot: here is where the church is destroying itself from the inside out, and fulfilling its own prophecy:

Because the young-earth theory is preached so strongly, MANY FEEL THAT TO BECOME AN EVOLUTIONIST IS TO GIVE UP ON GOD!!

Tell me, where did they get this silly idea? Think about it – so long as God created the world, what difference does it make whether it is flat, or round, whether it was created in six days or three billion years? What does any of this have to do with Jesus, with faith, with living a transformed life?

Creation science is a prime example of Christianity shooting itself in the foot: By tying additional doctrines to the Gospel, they have made the faith unnecessarily fragile, disconnected, and distasteful to a generation which desperately needs a relevant path to God!!!

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