The Faith of a Child: how God saved me through an elastic gun, some flowers, and a spider

daddy_long_legs_lrgIn this sermon, I survey my testimony, while also explaining how to be saved using the “Roman’s Road” and the “Wordless Book.”

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Missionaries n Money 1: Five Questions

Where angels fear to tread: let’s talk about ministry & money!

Specifically, I will address the following five questions:

  1. Is gospel-work “real” work?
  2. Is it ok to live on the gospel?
  3. Is it ok to live well on the gospel?
  4. Is it ok to ask people for money?
  5. Is it ok to budget & save?

This will be the first in a four-part series on ministry and money. Along the way, we will be reminded that “money doesn’t grow on trees.” And discuss the two basic options for how people in ministry feed their families: either of either “tent-making” ministry model (aka. working to pay one’s own way) or the “full-time ministry” model (aka. being paid for ministry work).

We will consider the three main objections to the “full-time ministry model,” which are:

  1. What about George Mueller?
  2. What about K. P. Yohannan?
  3. What about the Apostle Paul?

…and succeeding podcasts will cover the Biblical warrant for both, the pro’s and cons of both, some general words of caution for money in ministry, and a reminder that we really need BOTH models to have a healthy Church family.

I hope you will join me on the journey – God bless!

The Egg: explaining the Trinity, creation, time & philioque in 1/2 hour

While speaking at a summer camp, I shared a brief explanation of the Christian view of the Trinity, creation, time, eternity, the incarnation, heaven & hell using an egg as a prop. Here is the slightly expanded version of that talk.

How did Judas Die & Did He Buy a Field?

Podcast version of a subject I did a research paper on.

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