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Real Woman Manifesto

On our local Christian Radio Station, I heard an episode of Nancy Leigh DeMoss’ show “Revive our Hearts,” in which […]

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Missions: the Passion, the Pain & the Progress

At a missions conference, the organizer asked speakers, "Tell us what missions is REALLY like. What is the inside story?" Here is my best attempt to summarize our 5 years, while sharing the true highs and lows of missionary life.

The Sled: An Allegory

This 2008 post is a sneak-peak into my recently “published” e-book A Faith in Dialogue. If you enjoy the post why […]

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The Good & Bad News of the Gospel

The message of the gospel…is first that we are in a terrible and dangerous situation...secondly that God in His love has rescued us from said situation...both are essential

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Truth? It comes down to two questions: 1) Does God have a perspective? 2) Does He make that perspective known to us? Answer no to either, and all truth is relative. Answer yes to both, and absolute truth exists.

Enya or Jesus: “Spiritual” or “Christian”

I know what you think this post is about: you think I am writing an angry post, denouncing Enya and inciting a CD-burning, right? Sorry, no. However, I DO find it interesting to compare Enya's words with those of Christ. Which is more true...?

The Serpent’s Song

When Satan comes to "deceive, if possible, even the elect," (Mat. 24:24) what words does he say? Whether in Liberalism or in Humanism or in the Emergent Church, or all the way back in Eden - the basic promise and the basic lie is still the same.

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The Good and Bad News of a Bodily Resurrection

The Bible does not speak of the afterlife as only a place inhabited by spirit beings. Rather, our bodies AND our souls will be there, in the new heavens and new earth. This is both good and bad news...

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Looking for Home in a Post-Denominational Context

Through all my church and educational life, people have encouraged me to not just believe what others believe, but to search the Scriptures to find out what I believe on various topics. Now that I have done so, I have no idea where "home" is...

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Psalm 51: how to repent like a champ!

Psalm 51 is my "go to" passage when I need to repent. Written by David after the Bathsheba escapade, it is a psalm of aching and pure repentance, which charts a path from sin, to becoming a "man after God's own heart."

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A podcast on fighting fear and anxiety. Philippians 4:6-7.

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